Saturday, May 26, 2012

Real Fishermen...Real Blood

Chris and Dan both tangled with the same hook yesterday, and the hook won both times. I think it's time to do something about those barbs! Chris got hooked in the thumb and Dan got the same hook later in the side of a finger. I'm going to try a tri-hook on my bait because I am getting lots of bites but can't set the hook and hearing me cuss across the lake at sunset might not be so relaxing for the neighbours. Having said that...I did fish until after dark (which made a line repair a bit tricky without a flashlight) but I got to see the moon and Venus reflected on the lake, the bugs disappeared as the bats came out and went swooping low over the water to gobble down their dinner, and the fish were really biting close to the dock as the sun set. I just stood on a rock casting into the little cove and most of my bites were within 15 feet of shore. So after tonights farewell BBQ I am going to fish for a few minutes with my new tackle. Or not...maybe tonight I'll just enjoy a quiet time and forgo fishing until next weekend. Anyways, gotta run but I'll post pics of Chris' first small mouth Bass, and his idea of using human blood as an attractant, eww! lol I think this lure is going back in the tackle box until I squeeze the barbs. I didn't tell anyone...but I manages to stick myself with the same lure last week and got 2 finger tips at the same time, but it didn't stick in like Chris'...that's just nasty! Steve took some pics of me fishing at dusk so I'll see if he'll send me them and I'll post them.

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