Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful but Cold

So we're back to seasonal temperatures now. With the windchill it's -17c (1f) and both Chris and Jordan went out wearing shorts and a hoodie. They're crazy! But I can't convince them otherwise. The girls are much more sensible and have on their jackets and snowpants. See, here's Kate. She might not be as stylish as her sister or some of her friends...but she's warm! And easy to spot in a crowd with her crazy hat! You can't see but she has on some awesome looking purple, black and silver snow pants too. Toasty! The weather is supposed to warm up a bit in the next few days and then cool off again for the weekend. But hey, it's the middle of Winter so it's to be expected. I'm hoping that my the end of March it will be suitably warm that I can put hot beds into a greenhouse and get my gardening season started.

There's not much exciting going on to write about...just the usual blah days of winter. Once we have our own farm there'll be winter work. Usually things like fixing fences and hedges, trimming trees and cutting the following years supply of firewood. Tending the animals is a daily chore year round. There's something to do on farm in all seasons. And you sort of get into a rhythm with farm life. Things have to be done in their correct season and life just flows by year after year with very little change to the cycle. Mother nature has a way of making sure you can't do it all at once and it tempers the work from the Spring greening of the fields and the birth of lambs through the Harvest to the dark cold nights of Winter when you want to sit by the fire and dream of warmer days.

Here's a picture of our back neighbours taken at about 8am. The snow has packed down during the night and the roads are plowed out and sanded so driving should be fine today, even with my bald tires. I'll have to add air because I have one with a leak but other than that they should be fine. I"ll just take it easy, leave lots of space between me and the person in front. The sun is shining now, it's a beautiful day! And I'm going out to soak up some sun and some vitamin D.

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