Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working Together

We all know, or have heard, that we can accomplish more by working together. And I think it's almost always true. That we are more than the sum of our parts. So how does that apply to people who are trying to live a self-sufficient sort of lifestyle? Well, by creating a community we become stronger. When one person struggles we can all pitch in to help and when someone has a great success we can all share in that too. It's like the analogy of the strings. One string can be cut or pulled apart fairly easily. Two strings also can be, it's harder but not impossible. But 20 strings together are strong and resistant, and so on. Having a community of growers, buyers, eaters, and workers that works together to keep the cycle going is important to any market, including Farmers Markets and produce stands. Even U-Picks rely on the same model. So how come there isn't more of this "community building" going on?

I believe that some people get scared off by the idea of the 60's style Hippie commune. Others value and want to keep their independence and privacy. Still others are so busy working that they simply don't have the time to join in. More and more intentional communities are springing up the world over. From farming in Russia to co-housing in Canada, the options are there.

Here's an example of working together:

Five People Play One Guitar - Watch MoreFunny Videos

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