Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small things can make a difference

So many of the things we see as pivotal in our lives, big decisions, big actions, are really the culmination of hundreds or perhaps thousands of small thoughts and acts that we barely notice. It's those small daily actions that define who we truly are and what is in our hearts. It's important to remember that who we are when nobody is looking...who we truly are on the the real measure of our character. Not just how we appear in public. It's the tiny little things that we should be working to improve, and the big things will then take care of themselves.

Life can be like this for many people. We see the big problems and fail to see all the little good things in our lives. I hope that this simple Sunday message has given you something to think about and that you will count your blessings, whatever they may be. are the child of a Heavenly Father who loves you, and that makes YOU special.

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