Monday, January 30, 2012

It's snowing

School (and exams) were cancelled today ahead of this snow that's currently falling. It looks pretty but with my lovely tyres I've decided to not chance it on the roads. Better to wait for it to melt in the next few days. It's still coming down in fat while flakes and the kids have had a good time outside tobogganing down the neighbours back lawn. We're keeping warm with our supply of firewood, and so far now we've figured that we've used up about 1 cord this winter...all of it free. The stuff we paid for is still stacked in the garage. But the basement is fairly empty of firewood now so we'll move some more inside to dry out a little bit more ready for burning. Perhaps the boys can do that tomorrow if they're home from school again. We won't know if school is closed until the morning so there's no point in worrying about it.

I do have to get the sidewalks shoveled out and maybe get the snowblower onto the driveway but if I get really lucky, it'll warm up and melt. It looks like it's going to remain cold and snowy for a few days yet but that's ok. It's normal for this time of year. These 2 pics show the road beside our house as seen from the back bedroom window and the front of the house looking towards the driveway as seen from my porch. It's pretty isn't it? It's certainly not the 17 inches we got back in November but it's enough to make everything look fantastic. I can also hear the plow in the background so I'm guessing the roads will be drivable pretty soon which will be nice. Hopefully he doesn't plow a huge pile of snow across my driveway's a pet peeve of all Canadians I'm sure. In fact I remember a funny comedy skit about it...I wonder if I can find it for you to look at. Nope, can't find it...sorry.

Well, I should go put some wood in the furnace and tend to my little kinderlings. Getting them packed just in case school is actually going tomorrow. I imagine classes will be in and Chris has an exam so I need to go pick him up again about 11am. By then the roads should be ok if it stops snowing. Hope you're all staying warm, must be nice for our friends reading this who live in warm climates or the southern hemisphere. Some day I will take a mid-winter vacation...some day. But not today. Today I'm making baked perogies with cheese and onions and some roasted yams on the side. Delicious! And then I'm going to take a couple of pain killers and head to bed with a hot water bottle...I love being a girl...NOT!!

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