Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brrr! It's Icy!

Well, now I know what freezing rain is like. Ours was nothing like this picture, but just left a nice glazing over the already fallen snow and flat surfaces. It's been a weird weather day all day today and yesterday too. With temperatures hovering near freezing we had 4 hours of snow yesterday and then it began to rain and freeze everything into a crunchy and slippery mess of ice. Yuck! Not good for drivers or people walking about either.

Today it's windy and apparently we're in for more snow this afternoon. So I'm guessing we'll be lighting the fire and staying home to watch movies and stay warm tonight. Sounds nice doesn't it? I was going to save my nice big roast for tomorrow but if we're going to be here for the afternoon then maybe today is a good day for a nice big family dinner.

This morning we have Kung Fu class at the church and Steve has a service call. The guys hockey game was cancelled due to icy conditions in the parking lot, so now they're just hanging around waiting for me to drive them over for Kung Fu. Class is usually about an hour long so Steve and I might be able to get the call done while they're in class and get back in time to pick them up. If we're a bit late it's ok because Chris and Jordan can watch them while they wait for us.

Anyways, I've got to get going out into the cold wind. I'm counting down the days until Spring gets here.


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