Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat...If that old saying was true I would be more tanned and I'd be very sweet. (I love chocolate) But there is some truth of course in the simple fact the the way we get nutrients into our bodies to be used in making cells, bones, hair etc is by eating them or drinking them. Same as the bad stuff we eat and drink...our bodies have to process that for garbage removal too. We can't expect to be healthy in the long term if we're not eating right. Some Doctors are very much in tune with helping their patients to regulate medical problem by diet first and drugs second. Some are not. And no matter how much we know about eating healthy, unless we actually do it then it doesn't profit us one bit. We all know that eating less refined sugar and more fresh fruits and vegetables is a good idea so why is it that so many people don't? Habit? The poorest of people in developed countries have the worst diets. It's a fact. People living on food stamps eat a ton of starch, salt, sugar and empty calories because that's the food they either can afford (pasta, noodles, packaged foods) or what they are familiar with. Same with people who get food from food banks. And despite all these calories they can still be under nourished because they aren't getting enough vitamins and minerals necessary for health. Taking a vitamin pill could be a start but really what they should be doing is looking at their diet and making better food choices. It can be hard though when convenience food is so fast and easy to prepare and when healthy foods aren't available or are really expensive. An apple can cost more than a chocolate bar in some places, and in remote areas the choices for grocery shopping can be limited to say the least. So what do people do then?

I say....Grow Your Own Garden! And learn to preserve your own food. Even if you had a small garden and ate more vegetables 3 times per week, you'd be doing your body a favour.

So I'm on a quest for some new healthy recipes to post on the website here. Do you have a favourite you'd be willing to share? I'll give you full credit.

Have you set any goals for changing what you eat in the coming year? We want to eat a lot more veggies and fruits from our own garden. I really missed that this past year with all the moving we did. It'll be nice to get back to normal. And maybe lose a few more pounds while feeling better.

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