Friday, March 23, 2012

Greenhouse 2012

This year we're going to have 2 greenhouses. One is 20'x10' by 9 feet tall and is a re-used frame from a portable shelter, it's located in our borrowed garden space in Wilmot. The other will be just your regular old poly tunnel greenhouse like we've built in previous years and approx 20'x10'x8' and made using water pipes for the ribs. The covering is 6 mil poly otherwise known as vapour barrier and this slightly smaller greenhouse will be located beside our house in Greenwood.

To keep the plastic securely attached to a frame is always a challenge so this year we're going to try making water pipe clips for that greenhouse along with the plastic being attached to 2x4's along the bottom and weighed down and the other one will have wooden boards along the bottom sides of the greenhouse with the plastic rolled around them and stapled on. We'll then weight it down with sandbags or earth to prevent the wind from getting underneath and causing the plastic to lift off. The eds vary between greenhouses so I'll take some pics today and show you the progress we're making. I'm teaching a class in the Wilmot greenhouse on Saturday afternoon so I'll make that one the priority. The one at the house will be used for getting tomato seedlings going and it won't need to be up for another couple of weeks. The weather is going to cool down to seasonal temps again now and there's snow in the forecast for next week so obviously I'm not going to be keeping seedlings outside yet. They need the warmer temps of indoors to germinate.

Chris has a half day today so he's going to come and help me with pulling over the poly and fitting on one of the ends. It should be fun. It's a lovely sunny day, much cooler at 11 degrees but it's still warming up. I've decided that Spring Cleaning is the order of the day so I'm currently washing all the blankets and hanging them out on the line to dry in the sun. It's gusting up to 50 km/h though so I've got clothes pins every 6 inches and I'm keeping an eye on everything to make sure that things stay attached to the line and don't go sailing onto the roof or the neighbours houses.

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