Friday, March 16, 2012

Is That Spring Peeking Around The Corner?

In the last 48 hours we'll have gone from no snow, to 3 inches of ice pellets, to snow, we had freezing drizzle for a full day in parts of the province and over the next couple of days it's supposed to get up into the teens for temperature and be sunny, reaching a predicted high of 18 degrees on Wednesday. Crazy! Welcome to Spring in Nova Scotia.

As mentioned in comments from our last few posts, the sap out of the trees is indeed turning darker so we assume that the syrup will also be darker. We have 2 20l jugs full and we still need to empty buckets today yet, so we need to get cracking! Or boiling as the case may be.

We're cutting and hauling firewood this weekend with any luck and also still looking for someone to help us buy that land in Victoria Vale for $40,000. I'm going to do another post so I have a link to post all over the internet :) Even if I can't buy it, at least it will help the owners sell it, and Frank and Linda are super nice people.

How are your spring plans coming along? I'm starting to turn soil this weekend and my greenhouse will hopefully be going up next week if the boys will help me. My first seeds are going in the ground today but in pots indoors. If the weather turns nice it will be great to be able to fill the greenhouse quickly. But I'm babysitting so I have to get going now and clean my house before I leave.

Hope things are good for you all.

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