Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has Sprung a Leak...it's snowing.

Well Winter had returned, for a day or two anyways. It's cold, windy and snowing right now and won't go above freezing today. Hard to believe that this time last week it was 27 degrees!

The hunt for property continues. I'm supposed to be going to look at a place today that seems to be promising but the realtor doesn't want to show it until Saturday so I guess I'll go by myself. If the roads are ok. It's not too far out but my tyres really are in bad shape.

I've got other things to keep me busy...getting ready for Katie's birthday party for one thing. And I'm supposed to take her out for her birthday dinner tonight as well. I'm not sure that I'll be going to the city after all this week so that should give me some extra time at home to get things sorted out around here. The kids are off to school so I actually have a warm and quiet house right now...perfect timing for mopping floors!

The new chicks are doing ok. I couldn't put them in with the other chicks because of pecking issues so they have their own little place instead. I need a new feeder so that's on the agenda for today. I'll be planting tomato seeds too.

Hope your spring is more colourful than today's black and white weather in Nova Scotia.

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