Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking for Land - Found it! Now we need some $$$

As some of you know...Stephen and I found a great property to buy in Victoria Vale, NS. Here's our list of pros and cons:

Big (97 acres)
Cheap ($40,000)
Has ++ Trees
Has flowing water
Has hydro elec. potential
Has driveway
Less than 10 minutes to hospital/shopping
South facing slope
4 acres cleared and ready to use
Unlimited firewood
No recent chemical use
Power at roadside
Several good house sites
Kids love it, good for paintball
Great neighbours and not too many of them

Don't have $40,000 cash
Was selectively logged and needs some cleaning up in spots
No well, septic or existing house
No cable internet
Would be building a house for 2 years
Would require use of some heavy equipment on occasion
Hard to subdivide more than 4 times
Hilly in places
Some rocky spots among the trees
Re-planted trees are still small
Some road noise from secondary road

Here's the ad I have on Kijiji at the moment. We're looking for a family to share it with or an investor who will give us a mortgage/rent to own for 2 years. Let me know what you think...should I word it differently?


My husband and I have found a beautiful piece of land in the Middleton area of the Annapolis Valley. Partly cleared and with a brook running through it, it's what we've been looking for to start a small organic family farm and the land lends itself to other business plans too. A large field, hardwood trees, nearly 100 acres and it's quiet while only being a few minutes from both the Bay of Fundy and town. Negotiated it to half it's originally listed price so it's a terrific deal.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in purchasing this with us? Or giving us a private mortgage?

We are a working couple with 4 children, no debt but also no credit because one of us is self-employed and we just moved to NS in 2011. Who knew that always paying cash was a bad thing? We have sufficient income...just not sufficient credit to be buying land by ourselves this year. We would like someone to carry a mortgage for us for 2 years at which time we would go and get a regular mortgage from the bank. We will pay up to 10% interest. Or, for less than $40,000 you could purchase the land and then sell us back half for $25,000 Where else can you buy 50 acres for $15k? And you'd have such wonderful neighbours!

We'd also be interested in developing this with another family.

The land has gently sloped fields at roadside, slopes down to a brook at the bottom and has a steep wooded hillside at the rear. Not flat.

Please contact us for more details. We'd like to move on this ASAP.

To learn more about our family you can read our blog at

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