Friday, March 2, 2012

The Weekend Approacheth....

Yes, It's Friday! Steve is coming home! Of course we've got a crazy busy weekend. We have to take the kids to King Fu, go finish paying for the little VW we bought and then drive it to the mechanics shop. Pick the kids up again and take 'em home. Go to Canadian Tire and purchase the tools, chemicals and body filler we'll need for fixing the fenders on the car. Go do shopping plus 2 service calls. Fix the fenders and weld a plate into the bottom underneath the rear seat to make it safe enough to pass the MVI (Inspection). Leave the car there at the shop for the mechanic to replace the front strut and then do the inspection on Monday. Plus all the normal stuff we have to do on a weekend. Arrrrggghhh! It's going to require some careful planning.

So for today I'm just doing housework and laundry and holding down the fort. If I'm lucky I'll find some uninterrupted time to write too.

Steve's getting his plot outline all sorted, his characters defined and is working hard at planning his novel. Me, I just type and see where it leads me. I'm not sure which way is better but I guess we'll see. Do you write? Any opinions? I've got about 6 pages typed up on the computer, I'm not sure what that translates into book wise, but I'm finding it hard to stop and start with the kids around because I can't stay in a good flow. I think that I'm going to have to be more disciplined and set aside time to do nothing else. I'm taking a break from the self-sufficiency book for a few weeks just to get this other short story out of the way.

Well, it's looking like a hectic maple sap and bondo filled weekend. Sound like fun?

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