Monday, March 5, 2012

Not a Snow Day

Despite the fact that we got a very pretty dump of snow overnight the schools are open. Good for us and bad for the kids who now have to bundle up for school. Steve still sounds like he's got a super deep gravelly voice and he's not feeling well so he's staying home today. It means that if he's better later we can take the car in for it's inspection now that the bodywork is done. It's not his best work but certainly will pass inspection and tide us over until we redo all the bodywork and paint the car in the summer. There's just no way of doing it in this weather...the paint won't dry. And really...who wants to be working outside in an unheated garage when they're sick? No, Steve is surely much happier snuggled up in his blankets sucking on a cold lozenge and dreaming of warmer days.

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