Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Religous Freedom

Just as a matter of curiosity and totally unrelated to anything farming related...how do you feel about people who wear religious articles of clothing or jewelry? Should crosses be banned in Canada? Turbans? Where do we draw the line?

Britain is trying to make it a law that you can be required by your employer to not wear a cross to work. Check this out. http://rt.com/news/uk-bans-wearing-cross-317/ I'd be interested to know your thoughts on protecting religious freedoms.


  1. wow thats crazy! I think everyone should be allowed to wear what ever religious items they want as long as it does not effect public safety.

    eg, no knifes in schools, you still have to wear a helmet, and you must show your face on your identification. but those are pretty much the exception. i dont care if you have a menorah in your window, but you shouldnt be offented if i wish you a merry christmas.

    I have no problem not eating in front of you if its a fasting time of year, but dont tell me not to wear a cross to work.

    just my 2c


  2. It's a ridiculous case but no it's not a human right. As there is no proven religion and pretty much anyone can make up a religion du jour, protecting religious freedoms is a slippery slope indeed.