Sunday, August 28, 2011

the Bible - Some good reading if the power goes out

Did you know that the King James version of the Bible is now 400 years old? Only 400 years since the English people could read it in their own language instead of relying on a Priest to interpret it for them. 400 years during which time wars have been fought over it, people would save a lifetime to buy their very own copy, and now today we often take it for granted. People read the stories as myths and legends or morality tales instead of recognizing the divine truth that this far as it's translated correctly...the Word of God. It's easy to get a bible today. If you want a free one you can fill in a form online at and the LDS Church would be pleased to send you one.

Contrary to what some people think, we LDS (Mormons) do use the Bible and believe in the stories. In fact this year the youth of the church who attend seminary classes will spend the school year learning about and studying the Old Testament. We use it in addition to the Book of Mormon. Mormon was an ancient prophet in the America's who compiled many of the writings of his people into one book and taught about their wars, society and their dealings with God.

We live in an age where we are so blessed to have access to books that help us learn and grow and books that can teach us how to find happiness. Let's not think of the scriptures as something you read for 5 minutes on Sunday if at all...a daily dose, even a low dose will strengthen you and help you stay on the right path. It's sometimes nice to have that little nudge.

Here's a video for a Sunday that crept up on me. Here's hoping that you and yours are warm, dry and safe this weekend.

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