Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Squeaky Clean and Human Again

Decided to stay later in Thunder Bay to get everyone scrubbed up and feeling better. I scrambled the eggs out of the fridge and used up the last onion and some peppers so we're pretty much out of perishable food now. We're heading for Sault Ste Marie today and hope to make it to the WalMart Supercentre where we can park and also re-supply. Gas in Ignace, ON was $137.9 per litre, OUCH!! By far the most expensive place in Canada that we've been. I think the cheapest was 111.9 on the prairies. Well, time to check out, it's almost 11am, where has the morning gone? These constant time changes are messing with my internal clock but time to get used to it now I guess. We're all feeling more cheerful and sane, and everyone smells WAY better after copious quantities of shampoo and soap. Amazing what a leisurely breakfast and a shower can do for raising your spirits.


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  1. OH! I used to live in the Sault and the local campgrounds fought Walmart and succeeded it making it illegal for trailers to spend the night in the parking lot. Hope it has changed!

    I'm enjoying following your trip across the country. You're in for a gorgeous drive today. Lots of places to stop for a dip in Lake Superior too.

    If you have time around Sudbury, Science North is a great stop.

    Drive safe!