Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Motorhome Gets a Name

We're up early for a few reasons, to move the motorhome out of the back alley before the garbage men get here at 7am, to say goodbye to Mum and Joan (who left before 6am so I missed them), and to get the water tanks filled as we pack everything for the next leg of our road trip. I've got a load of wash on right now and the kids are still sleeping but it won't be long now until we are all hustling so I thought I'd write a quick blog entry while it's still peaceful.

This morning we are going to get packed up, clean the house a bit and finish the yard work (Sarah our dog helped in her own way by digging some holes that now have to be leveled again), we are going to drive over to the Calgary Temple site and check that out, and we're going to pop by our old house and visit our friend's the Stewards. Then we've got a couple of stops to make along the way and we're heading for Lethbridge, arriving mid afternoon.

As often happens on a road trip, the vehicles finally have names. The white van is officially 'Nova' and the motorhome has been christened the 'Motor Closet' by Chris who decided that it's not big enough to warrant the title 'home'. I guess I didn't clearly describe this wonderful little rolling house of ours but it is quite literally only about 18 feet long from bumper to bumper and by the time you measure the interior living space it's approximately 12 feet long by 7 feet wide with some space over the cab. For a 1972 it's in reasonable shape mechanically and seems to be holding up so far which we're grateful for.

Well, Jordan is walking the dog and we've moved our motor closet, so it's time I got cracking and packed. It's going to be another warm day (was 26 celcius / 80 fahrenheit) in Drumheller yesterday but we're going to have to get used to it because it's going to be a hot drive across the Canadian Prairies where it's in the 30's (80's and 90's in fahrenheit) and we're not used to it coming from a mild coastal climate like Vancouver Island.

Have a wonderful day!

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