Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Brunswick

We've made it to New Brunswick and we're sitting here in McDonald's using their WiFi. Steve and I shared a McLobster...sort of like a crab salad sandwich only made with real lobster. Welcome to the East Coast! The kids are burning off some energy at the Play Place for a few minutes while I catch up the blog.

We got a nasty surprise south of Riviere De Loup when the motorhome wouldn't start at the gas station. Dead as a door nail...I'll admit that my heart leapt into my throat for a few minutes. Steve, in true handyman style got out his hammer and gave the starter a tap and it fired up. So I guess this means that the starter has developed a dead spot and will occasionally act up until one day it just won't start at all. I'm sure it will make it to our new home but shortly thereafter we're going to need to replace it. Phew, at least it wasn't anything we can't handle. We're incredibly blessed.

The trip today up along the St. Lawrence was very beautiful. Rolling pasture, river and farms everywhere, just my sort of place. Unlike Drummondville which has a lot of night clubs and constant hwy noise which I'm sure you get used to but I love the stillness and quiet of living out in the country. I'm not sure how much I'm going to like living with neighbours again but it's only for a year and a half or two years and then hopefully in that time we can also buy our own place and get it running smoothly, or at least liveable.

This whole trip across Canada has shown us the wonder and splendour of our country and made us realize how very blessed we are to have a God who loves us and made all this as a place we could come to live, learn and experience our mortal lives. Here's a message I'd like to share, just in case I can't get one posted for tomorrow.

We're excited and happy to be getting closer to home. I'll try and update the blog again as soon as I can. As much as I'd love a shower, we'll just see where we get to this evening and sleep at another WalMart if necessary. There's always next week to scrub everyone and everything, right?

Kate came looking for a loonie ($1) so she could play Dave at Air Hockey. She's losing 5-2 but having a great time. Meghan is climbing all over the gym and Chris is napping in the motor closet. It's time to get going so I have to log out now. Oh, Jordan is now beating Dave at air hockey ... he won 10-7!! Way to go Jordy!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day. I know we are! And it's just getting better with every mile closer to home.

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