Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's HOT!!

We're in Winnipeg camping at the WalMart again. Hot and sticky and only a few minutes for an update. Boy I hope it cools down tonight because the kids are driving me crazy and this heat is making me crankier. Oh, and PMS. This is going to be such a special week!

Anyways, So far so good with everything mechanical. The roads leave a lot to be desired in some locations and the award for the largest hole in the road so far goes to Saskatchewan! It also gets the record for the best storm but Manitoba has been the hottest. I hear tomorrow is going to be cooler and we'd all appreciate that. Especially Steve who has a lovely blister from the hot engine cover. He's got it taped up to prevent hot drafts and has a styrofoam plate over the hottest spot that seems to have helped but his blister is still massive though it doesn't bother him overly as he's wearing his flip flops.

He's doing good, Stephen that is. Very tanned, Lynne and John would be shocked! He's going a nice nut brown, mostly from working on the trailer before we left. The kids have been ok I guess, but the bickering is doing me in and with my short fuse today that didn't help.

Today we saw Elkhorn, home of Sidney Crosby the hockey player, ***We have heard that the sign we saw is wrong, that he is from Cole Harbour, NS*** miles of flat prairie, lots of unplanted fields and still flooded areas around Winnipeg and some areas have a distinctly 'low tide' sort of smell from the flooding. The crops that did survive and got planted are weeks behind so I bet the farmers are hoping for good weather from now until the end of September, they're going to need it. It's amazing how much flooding is still evident.

I've got to get going now, I can't stay here at Safeway all night typing. I want to rinse off and get some dry clothes on and get to sleep. To all our friends and loved ones...Miss you. And to our new friends in Greenwood, we're coming as fast as our little ol' motor home will go!



  1. You are having quite an adventure. A small point - but important to Nova Scotians and you should know this if yo are going to live here and survive - Sidney Crosby is from Cole Harbour, just outside Halifax.A BIG local hockey hero.

  2. Again thanks for the updates !!
    Thinking and praying for your safe trip.
    President Muise.

  3. Thanks Anne. We weren't sure about the sign in Elkhorn. At the time I thought he was a NS boy. We're Flames fans but either way not die hard fans so maybe that's something that will have to change. Thanks for the correction.