Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First days in Nova Scotia

I'm sorry we haven't written. We've been experiencing some sort of post driving jet lag. There is a 4 hour time difference and we're I'm sorry we haven't written. We've been experiencing some sort of post driving jet lag. There is a 4 hour time difference and we're just now coming off the adrenaline rush of driving and moving; back into a more normal rhythm of day to day life.

We've been invited out to peoples houses for dinner twice, made pizza for the Mullen's our friends and host family and been kept busy exploring all the roads around here. They're going to take some getting used to as there's no obvious order to them, the roads that is. I guess originally they would have been cart tracks that eventually got paved over. But we went to Canadian Tire to buy a replacement gas cap for the one we left in Quebec and ended up getting a map book. To augment the maps we also stopped in to the local tourist information which I highly recommend because they usually have free and more detailed maps of their local areas. The amenities are not divided up all into the biggest centre so you have to pay attention to know that the gov't service office is in Middleton, the Canadian Tire and Zellers are in Greenwood, the WalMart is in Kentville etc. It's ok though, I have a feeling that in a few weeks we'll be able to know where everything is, we're picking it up already. It helps to sit down with a map and see exactly where everything is and then actually drive so you become familiar with the landmarks. It's also a good idea to keep the maps in your vehicle, and though this may seem obvious, we've forgotten the last 2 times we've gone out.

Today is Wednesday and moving day. We're helping the missionaries move from one appartment to another and also another sister from church move. Then we're moving ourselves but we've got the easiest move of all because it's already in the trailer and just has to be driven over to the new house and unloaded into the garage. We can do it ourselves in about a half hour.

The boys are doing yard work this morning here at the Mullen's and the girls have to pick up windfall apples. I think Dave is going to look for work picking beans or something to make a few dollars. So we're getting back into the swing of working. Tomorrow Steve is likely going out to follow up on a couple of good leads and then we are taking a tour of the Bay of Fundy and Annapolis Royal. We've got to fit in some touristy stuff during the nice weather and before Steve is busy with work and the kids are in school. School starts on Sept 6th and I have to register them on Monday.

The people around here are very friendly. They are helpful, easy going and as willing to help a stranger as a friend. So it is making settling in a lot easier. Steve is thinking of joining the Amateur Radio club that's organized locally to meet some other HAM radio people and that's another way to make contacts and friends. But for sure the biggest help was having online friends that we'd e-mailed before coming and people from church who have been delightful to say the least. The Mullen family are terrific and not only welcomed us with open arms bt have let us use the laundry, showed us around town and helped us figure out the basics like garbage collection and schools. There will be more of that to figure out and a call to the Welcome Wagon too, but nothing is as good as having a friend :)

Gotta run. Lots to do! Moving into our own place in a few hours. It will be weird to have a bed again and some privacy. We'll miss the Mullen's though as the kids have really hit it off and are fast becoming good friends. And Steve and I really like Cami and Brian too. It's nice to have new friends when you're missing the ones you left behind.

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  1. If you come down Hwy 1 (it's a nicer drive than the highway) on the way to Annapolis Royal you'll pass right by our house before you hit Bridgetown. I'm here all the time so stop on by if you get a chance.