Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are still alive!

I'm so sorry for leaving you all hanging. It's been just a crazy week with very limited internet access. But we are all safe and sound.

As you know, we had a lot of problems leaving. And consequently have ended up spending quite a bit of $$ on an equalizing hitch while at the same time unloading a couple thousand pounds of stuff and getting it on pallets ready to ship. I am so grateful to have a handy husband and some amazing friends who will do welding in the evening just to help us out.

So far on our trip we have boiled our radiator over on the longest climb in the mountains outside Hope, BC. We keep losing the cap that fits over the end of the axle. We've bent the frame holding up the hitch so Steve just finished reinforcing it with pretty heavy duty 'C' channel. We got lost but only once and in Kamloops. We ground the whole hitch assembly into the ground several times, usually pulling into a gas station or on a really bumpy road outside Edmonton. On that same bouncy road we managed to bounce the cats around so much that they got water in the litter and made a huge soupy mess, ick!

But on the good side we have seen a ton of beautiful country including driving through the Rockies and Jasper. We spent time with the kids Dad Brian and visited West Edmonton Mall twice. We also got to see our friends Linda and Imy. Now we're in Calgary and this is our last day here. We've done my Mum's yard work, we spent the morning at the Calgary Zoo with my Dad and then stayed for the rest of the afternoon and saw the rest of the exhibits, rode the carousel and got thoroughly exhausted and sunburned. Today we are going to the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller to learn about dinosaurs and then getting the rig ready to continue our journey. We'll be leaving for Lethbridge early tomorrow if we are able to get hold of the other Grandparents who don't seem to be home the last few times we called.

I've got to get going but will see about posting the updates we missed for the last week and a half. We're looking forward to getting going again and heading East to our new home. We still have nearly 6000km to drive so it's time we got a move on!

Best Wishes to you all. Elizabeth

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