Saturday, August 20, 2011


We are in Fredericton so if all goes well we will be in Nova Scotia at our new place by dinner time tomorrow. Hooray! We drove today over the Notre Dame Mountains and the Appalachians and tomorrow we'll be driving over the Cobequid Pass then then it should be smooth sailing after that. The roads as soon as we got our of Quebec are good, 2 lane divided hwy all the way past Halifax. The views are very nice, rolling hills covered in mixed forest with the St John River flowing in the valley. I do miss the smell of the ocean though so I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the Bay of Fundy.

More tomorrow. I'm making pizza pops in the oven as they were on sale for $4 for 8. But holy cricket the price of milk would blow your mind, it's over $7 for 4l and they make bags of milk...yes you heard me right...bags. Like they used to have in the 70's. One more thing to get used to on our new adventure.

Hope you're having a good evening. Will check in from our new home tomorrow, so awesome to be able to say that!



  1. It will be great to finally meet your family! I have been following your blog and milk is only 5.49 a 4L jug here at Shoppers Drug Mart :-) It will be fun showing your family all the sights to see in our wonderful province. Welcome home!

  2. Don't get used to those New Brunswick roads, they aren't like that in Nova Scotia! The Highway is only divided in parts otherwise there are passing lanes like in BC.

    One other thing, road signage seems to be optional here! often the main route isn't marked, the assumption is you already know where you are.

    Milk is $7 for 4L here too. The government has a milk quota that keeps the prices high.