Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our 10,000 Page View Celebration

Want to Win A Free Book?
We're just a little family blog, so reaching 10,000 page views is a big deal for us and will happen over the weekend or maybe Monday. It depends on how many of your friends you tell about this. Get them to enter and then give you the book for Christmas!  :)  To celebrate our first 10,000 we're offering a copy of Nicole Faires marvelous book to the reader who composes the best blog entry, question and answer or suggestion for this blog. So get your writers cap on and come up with an original written piece and send it to me, and we'll choose the winner on Monday night. Write about homesteading or growing in your country or something that you think is a great idea, whatever you like. Political, agricultural, funny, we welcome them all! You've got all weekend to write about it. Please keep things rated PG and submit to doulamum at hotmail dot com by Monday noon. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with and I'll feature the winning entry on the blog on Tuesday. Yes, if you're feeling really creative then we'll accept more than one entry per person. Open to everyone in the world but please submit entries in English. If you win I'll contact you to get your mailing address and get your book on it's way to you right away. Let the games begin! Nicole has written a great book and packed full of information. Perfect for dreamers, schemers and back-to-the-landers and the perfect book for reading beside the fire on the cool nights ahead. Also keep an eye open for her next book on permaculture which is nearing completion I believe.

If you're not the winner... this book is also available on Amazon 

The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading: An Encyclopedia of Independent Living

 So it's up to you now. Get writing. Tweet your friends. Share the news and start making plans for next years growing season (unless you're in Australia and the southern hemisphere...then keep up the good work and have a wonderful summer!) 




  1. Omg! My huge comment didnt save cause i forgot about the verification word thingy! Arg!! Oh well i re read the dang instructions, and will send it via email sometome later



  2. Aww. Sorry about that. It's happened to me lots. I usually type it into a word document (we use open office) and then I just cut and paste. Otherwise if I lose the original thing I typed I get mad at my computer and never type as well the second time around. Thanks for sending it by e-mail nick and congrats on the new baby!

  3. hello fellow farmer.
    We are also farming in Nova Scotia's beautiful Annapolis Valley,not to far from you!
    I will be following along,stop by and visit our blog and see all about our farm.