Saturday, November 26, 2011

And The Winners Are:

We decided to give a book to each person who left a comment, since only 3 people did. I have Helga, Vicki, and Nick on the list. If there is anyone else, just let me know. SO Congrats to you 3, you'll each be receiving a book in the mail just in time to read it and re-gift it for Christmas.

And thanks for your support you guys, I really appreciate it.



  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    That's wonderful ... a book for each of us loyal fans ! A very kind hearted gesture indeed. Now I'm thinking what can I do for you ?

    Cheers... Helga

  2. Thank you very Much Elizabeth .

    Have yourself a wonderful Christmas. You can send some snow our way and in return I'll send you some rain ;)

    Talk to you soon

    Vicki a way out here all by myself ..alone on Vancover Island with out my bestest friend.

    ( I know that was sappy)