Friday, November 11, 2011

Is Santa Real?

It's 6 weeks until Christmas and we have a serious question you can help us with.

We have 4 children at home right now with the youngest being in grade 3 and 8 years old. She knows the "secret" about Father Christmas/Santa. Infact she's known for a while and managed to not tell her older sister (which is amazing if you know Meghan the blabber mouth). So my question for you is this... should we just tell Kate that Santa isn't real or let her go one more year? She still believes but is getting teased a bit at school by her grade 5 peers. These are kids who wear make-up, have boyfriends and are pretty worldly (which is sad but that's another post). Thank goodness for kids like Anna who are still sweet and innocent! Do we want Kate to fit in better or do we just wait and see what happens? I think it's good for kids to have a sense of fantasy and belief in Santa, it's part of the magic of childhood that too often fades these days. Kids are cynical before they're even teenagers. No wonder they have so many grown-up problems like pregnancy, depression and anger. But how do we balance it out and prevent her being teased more than she already is?

So I want to know what you think....should we tell her or not?

It will have to be us because she simply doesn't believe her peers when they say he's fake.

For anyone wondering about our weather, it was a bit windy and wet but nothing serious and it's warm! 15 degrees for the low last night and 18 today. We haven't had the heat on for 3 days now. I think it's time to sweep out the firebox while it's not full of hidden coals.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Now that's a tough one, where you have to weigh the pros and cons I suppose. If Kate wasn't told Santa was not real this year, she would have the joy and pleasure of believing for yet another year. On the other hand, you'd have to tell her eventually and she may face yet more teasing at school which could hurt her emotionally. If it were my daughter, I'd likely tell her the truth now. She can and will still enjoy the Christmas Season, just in a different way for a bit. Oh the perils of parenthood !

    Our son never believed in Father Christmas/ Santa really. Not because we told him otherwise, but he figured it out. He picked up on the fact that how can Santa be at different malls around town, at the same times and look different. Some were taller and thinner, while some were shorter and fatter. Then he tugged on one guys beard and it fell off ...bahaha ! He proved his point and we were spared having to make the decision you are facing. Good luck !

    Your weather is really good so far. We've had a few frosty nights and a skiff of light snow the other day. Thankfully it melted quickly ... never ready for that stuff.

    Take Care ... Helga

  2. Tell your kids the truth always.
    She will find out sooner or later and then it is always worse. The bullies won t have anything to tease her with.
    Cold nite in the Cowichan Valley +1C this am.
    Good luck with explaining Xmas to Kate!

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Your friend vicki (the one you left behind)
    I say let her believe as long as she wants.. once a child no longer beleives in the simple magic of Christmas. something of their innocence is lost. Besides perhaps she knows but enjoys the fun of santa. I bleived but inwardly knew the truth till I got married..every year I got my present from santa

    Katie knows what Christmas is really about, she has a wonderful testimony. I don't think you should tell her at any age she'll come to the realization on her own if she hasn't already. Letting this fun part of christmas exist for doesn't mean you are being dishonest withas suggested above but allowing her her childhood. wher fairies, and magic truly exist

    anyways thats how I feel. I remeber I told corry and to this day I wish I hadn't It difintely takes the magic out of christmas for them

  4. Hello everyone and Vicki my friend who I left behind. No, I haven't forgotten you. Steve and I were plotting against you (Garry actually) only this afternoon.

    It came up about Santa this afternoon and as it turns out she sort of knew anyways. She's still looking forward to the excitement of presents this year because she has no idea what she's getting and nobody can drop hints because they're not here.

    We're having Christmas Eve with friends and probably the missionaries for Christmas Day too. We're going to use this as an opportunity to bond closer as a family, so I think it will be good. I'm actually getting a little into the spirit of the season already. Making gifts always does that for me!

    Vicki...use up all the wood so that you and Garry will have to move here! No wood pile = no excuse!

  5. My daughter is also nine - she suspects but doesn't want to know. I tell her what a friend suggested to me - that santa is magical, part of the magic of giving and receiving at Christmas, Santa is the spirit at the heart of it all. I won't outright admit there's no santa, but its a gentle segue into it, and true to boot. HOWEVER When it came to the toothfairy I told her outright that daddy is the toothfairy, even if he denies it (: All the best, your posts are wonderful~! Cheers, Linnaea