Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farewell / Birthday BBQ

Today is our farewell BBQ. I'm re-posting the original invite for you and a map at the bottom of the page. Hope you can make it. Stay as long as you like and come have fun!

We're having a BBQ and you're invited! We've rented the clubhouse at Qualicum Bay Resort and so we'll have swimming available, the play park, tons of good food and if you just want to come and hang out we'd love to see you! Bring your swim suit, a guitar and lawn chair if you like play us a tune or two.

The BBQ is scheduled for today,
Saturday 23rd July from 12-6pm.

You don't need to bring anything but donations are welcome to our fundraising campaign (see left margin) or in person.

Oh, the water slide at the resort will probably be open but you'll have to pay for that (regular swimming is free) and you'll need to supervise your children.

We made all the sausages ourselves out of our own meat so you'll be in for a treat! We got professional help making them and they are delicious! We'll provide all the chips, drinks etc. It's going to be great. So bring the kids for a fun afternoon out and wish us a bon voyage and Meghan a Happy 8th Birthday.

Here is the Map. Take the Old Island Hwy north past the Horne Lake Rd turn off for 2km. Once you get to Qualicum Bay you'll see Kone Zone and Henry's kitchen on your left and the ocean immediately on your right. Turn left into the resort just past Henry's, continue straight in to the resort between the cabins towards the gate and you'll see a sign for Parking, just before the gate. If you get totally lost, the phone number for the resort is 757-2003.

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  1. Your dream is nice,and one we all share, but the truth is Nova Scotia is not the land of milk and honey you are looking for.

    People are leaving here as fast as they can. Minimum wage is the norm here leaving people little expendable income. I realize you want to have a small farm and homestead but most people who try that here fail very quickly. Without a large population (even Halifax is tiny) there is little market for homegrown foodstuffs and even where there is a small market it is already saturated and can not command the premium prices seen in BC.

    Around here people do things themselves or do without.

    Look at the signs around you. You are not finding the funds to move, maybe God is telling you not to. Maybe God is providing you with an answer you aren't willing to listen to.