Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 20th, 2011

Kate and Meghan's Adventures in Milner Gardens.

The group of kids at Shoots With Roots in Milner Woodland Gardens, July 20th, 2011. Meghan is in pink t-shirt and Kate has a striped shirt.

As I posted previously, the girls went to Milner today for a day camp. When Kate and I were at the Farmers Market we entered a draw and they pulled out Meghan's name. So her camp was free and I just had to pay $40 for Kate. That was worth every penny as they had such an interesting day, Thanks Charlene!

They had a great time and got to work in the gardens and have lots of fun. So I'd totally recommend this program to anyone who lives here or who is visiting. The group was a nice small and diverse group. And both the girls said they learned lots and it was awesome. So there you go, recommendation from 2 girls ages 7 and 10.

I also found some money on the gravel in the parking lot. I went to the main gate entrance and left my name and number because they said nobody had reported it missing and told me to keep it. So maybe I'll hear from someone who lost it.

Milner Woodland Gardens is such a lovely place to visit and learn about the rain shadow forests on the eastern side of Vancouver Island.

We take it for granted that trees are 200-300 feet tall. Even in town where the trees are much younger they're 50-100 feet tall. Isn't that what trees are supposed to look like? And Arbutus, that's an interesting tree, evergreen but broadleafed and sheds it's bark. Of corse Milner Gardens is also famous for it's history and it's gardens around the house. They have afternoon tea and it's not uncommon to see artists set up painting or photographing the gardens, ocean, house or forest.

To see the rest of the pictures go visit the Milner Woodland Gardens website.

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