Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Already. 5 more days to go

Yes, the time has flown by! It's 5 more days until we're heading out for parts unknown. Things are getting wrapped up here. We sold the Prowler trailer. We didn't get much but we didn't pay a lot either and it didn't cost us much to get it fixed up for the kids to live in for 4 months. Either way, I'm happy with that. It's nice to have one more big thing gone. We've now sold pretty well all our food storage and the rest is being picked up on Saturday morning. There is still some stuff in the storage locker to sort out but we're getting through it. And I'll do more today once the Prowler is picked up.

Next things to do are to re-pack the freezer as soon as I bleach it and plug it back in and then to defrost the big one, clean it, and sell it. I've got to still sell the carpet cleaner from the business and my washing machine and that's about it for big stuff apart from the Aerostar van that we may rob for parts and then sell for scrap for $150. We can use the wheels for spares for the trailer and white van and the rims for the new tires on the trailer. They all take the same size conveniently.

I have decided to make a big pot of chili with some of my dried beans and take it to the BBQ so I'm going to have to start soaking the beans right away. I can use a can of dried onions up too. Waste not, want not. We've made the sausage already and bought 7 dozen buns at the store with more available today. Plus some condiments, sauerkraut and also pop from WalMart, so we're all set. It will be so nice to see all our family and friends for a reunion sort of party not involving a funeral or wedding. We have such a great family and our friends are practically family too and we're going to miss them.

The roof top carrier/pop up tent on the utility trailer is coming along nicely and will be finished today if we're lucky. Then the kids can start painting the trailer to match the motorhome :)

It's 7:30 so time to hit the road running. We've a lot to do and only 5 days to do it in.


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