Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Final Coat

It's a lovely day, and it looks like there is the possibility after a full morning of working, to have a little time to get the final coat of paint onto the motorhome.

And we have some extra help too. We have a friend staying with us for a few weeks and he's volunteered to help with the driving so that's fantastic! It means that Steve and I can actually travel together for part of the time. Since we've decided to take our white van with us too as a back-up in case of emergency and also because we're going to need a vehicle for working once we get there, it meant that Stephen and I would always be in different vehicles (which is sad because we like to talk about stuff as we drive). So having another driver as far as Toronto will be lovely. That's most of the trip.

We finally got a camera sorted out so I promise I will post some pics today on to the blog and our IndieGoGo website too. I'll take some family pics once Chris is home from work too and after he's had a good scrub. Speaking of a good scrub, I think it's time we went to the pool again for a good soak and a hot shower. Our local pool is Ravensong Aquatic Centre in Qualicum. It's a nice pool with good instructors. Nothing fancy but it's clean, has a hot tub and infra-red sauna plus the main pool and a splash pool for babies. And gallons and gallons of hot water that comes beating down on you instead of the 6 gallon trickle from our current shower. We still don't have our on demand hot water heater but I'm going to check the mail again today.

I'm off to get things sorted out for Steve's work this morning and I'll add to this post after I've got some pics. Probably after dinner tonight.

Until then...have a wonderful day!

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