Thursday, July 21, 2011


GRRR! I typed up a really nice blog entry here but for some reason the new editor didn't show it or save it. Frustrating!

So here goes again.

Steve has the engine cover off. In this type of van/motorhome the engine has a big cover that is between the drivers and passengers seats. It makes getting at the engine easier and means you can work under cover if it's raining, but it also means that if you run the engine all the smell and heat go into your vehicle, or in our case, into our house. You don't get engine exhaust, just the smell of a hot engine. It smells like an engine room on a ship. ugh!

Steve is adjusting things on the engine and giving them a check over so we don't get any nasty surprises on the road. One thing that we love about this engine is that it has no electronic controls, it's all mechanical. So if there's a nuclear detonation near us, the EMP won't fry our engine. Not that we'll be worrying much abut that I suppose :) But having a familiar engine (Steve's had several of this type over the years), the Haynes Manual and the tools to be able to fix it makes this a great choice for us. Parts are still available and easy to replace for the home mechanic. No on-board computers for us!

Steve's got the fast idle off now so it sounds a lot quieter. It seems to be running pretty well actually. There are some things to do like replacing the belts and the top radiator hose has got to be replaced. it's swollen up near the base and looks like a pear so we'll replace it before it decides to burst and shower everything with coolant. We checked the air filter and it looks good. We'll probably get new spark plugs and change those out this weekend at the same time we do the belts. We also have to d the belts on the white van for the AC and the timing belt. I wouldn't trust such a long remote drive without them. I've had a timing belt go on another vehicle and it can cause lots of damage. Last time it was a $600 repair bill for the sake of a $20 belt. You are supposed to change them every 100,000km and who knows when the white van was last done. Better safe then sorry. It's too bad that I can't find my free inspection letter from Steve Marshall Ford or I'd take the van in for a check up and get the belt done at the same time to save Stephen the hassle. But he can get it done even though it requires taking off one of the mounting brackets to get the belt over I think.

It's amazing how much heat this engine is putting out! It's raised the temperature in the motorhome to 27 celcius in about 10 minutes. No wonder the engine cover feels warm while you're driving.

We will likely go to a national store like Canadian Tire or Lordco and pick up some parts like hoses and belts just to take on the road with us. Like insurance. Then when we get to Nova Scotia we'll return what we didn't need. We also goat a roadside assistance plan from BCAA. They have a Premium membership that covers 2 tows of 160km each and 2 tows of 320km per year so if we get stranded in the middle of nowhere, we can make it to town no problem. We also got coverage for our RV, so we're all set! Now we just pray that we don't need it.

Got to get to sleep soon. Lots of work to do tomorrow. Elizabeth

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  1. Wow!! Awesomeidea about buying parts from can tire for just incase and then returning them when you get there!