Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 More Days

Boy it was cool again overnight. Even inside the motorhome it's only 13 degrees celcius and it's the end of July! It should be much hotter. While the rest of the country is baking under a cloud of mosquitoes we're wrapped up in our fleece most of the time. Still, we had good weather for the BBQ yesterday so I guess I can't complain.

The BBQ was fun and we'd like to extend a huge 'thank you' to everyone who made it out to say goodbye. Meghan got lots of nice gifts for her birthday and $55 spending money for the road so she was thrilled. And everyone got a lot to eat and drink. Lots of salads were shared and we appreciate all the time people took to make them. We have enough chili left to feed a small army so it's a good thing people are tenting outside and the gas can easily escape ;) because we'll be eating it for the next 2 days.

People trickled in and out from noon until 6. After the final tally was done we probably had 50 people come out. Plus Steve's sisters are coming for a picnic on Tuesday (I think we'll be having chili). At the BBQ we served 25 cups of chili, 30 cups of dessert made by my step-mom Janet, and drank 7 bottles of soda and 3 litres of water. All in all we ate 2 dozen weiners and approx. 10 lbs of sausage, 5 dozen buns, 3 huge bowls of salad, 6 bags of chips and cheesies and 1 litre of condiments. Wow! No wonder we were kept so busy on the grill.

Hans and Christine Stussi were very apologetic that they had an emergency and had to call Christopher in to work during the party. He got to hang out with us for a few hours and then he was working at the Cone Zone so we got to see him each time we went over for ice cream. He made $60 in wages and $23 in tips though, so he was happy. And he got to spend some time with Janet and Grandad figuring out his new laptop. He got a new laptop for his upcoming birthday, he paid the first $400 and then Grandad took care of the rest and got him all the software he needs. Now he's got something portable to use during the trip.

We love the Stussi's and their resort so we highly recommend Qualicum Bay Resort as a place to stay. Hans took Kate on a pony ride, the other girls and granddaughters got a cart ride and after we were done with the BBQ Hans opened up the water slide for us and the kids got to ride until nearly 8pm. Kate couldn't find her bathing suit so we let her slide in her clothes, and as soon as I opened the side door of the van to get something later in the evening...there was the bathing suit and towel. Still, Jordan, Meghan, Autumn her friend, and Kate all had lots of fun and were quickly joined by more than a dozen other kids.

We left the resort around 8pm and came home. We unloaded the vans, took Autumn home, and then the kids and I went to pick up Chris from work at 9 and went over to my Dad and Janet's hotel room for a visit (and to get a gift of some spending money for the trip) while Steve did some more work on the water tank. We won't see Janet for almost a year now until they stop by on their way to Mexico next Spring. And we'll miss her. Thank goodness for Skype!

It's still pretty early but I have to get going now. I have to clean over the church building so while I'm there I'll use the big tables to lay out and cut the trailer canvas. Steve got his grey water tank soldered so that there are no leaks and he's also doing really well with the new roof. Today he's talking in church but I don't know about what and then we'll be working late again with our various projects. John and Nicole are moving the bus over this evening so we'll have a couple of days to visit. We are in court tomorrow and then finishing up the electrical work for Deanna and Todd so tomorrow is a write off. Tuesday is the final day to get stuff donated and the trailer packed and we still hope to leave on Wednesday.

Ok before I worry myself to death, I'm going to get going and clean the church right now.

Pics from the BBQ to follow.

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