Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shipping Nightmares in Parksville

Well, so far it's not really a nightmare, it's just bloomin annoying!

UPS have apparently closed the dealer stores in both Duncan and Nanaimo. SO our only options are Campbell River and Victoria.

Purolator is expensive so I figured I'd save a couple of hundred dollars shipping via Fedex. I may have saved money but not time and aggravation.

First to say that Grace at Postnet in Parksville is very nice and extremely patient and helpful in aiding me in my quest to get a straight answer out of Fedex. They are shipping a parcel for me to Australia. I've had quotes for $890, $888, $903, $923 and $943 all for the exact same package from the same location and within the last 24 hours. Everyone I speak to gives me a different price, it's very VERY frustrating. And then speaking to a supervisor just confirms that they're not sure what's going on either. I feel quite sorry for the counter people who have to deal with us nasty and angry customers. Although I hope I wasn't too nasty to poor Grace. She lived up to her name and was definitely a Grace under pressure, especially with Meghan bouncing around her store for a half hour this morning and an hour this afternoon.

So my advice is this...if you are shipping something in the Parksville or Qualicum Beach areas, go to Postnet on the Alberni Hwy just near the Church Road turn off where the Co-Op gas station is. They'll have you sorted out in no time....just use Purolator instead of Fedex.

We're eating what I think may be the last of the pork chops from our pigs. I made a maple BBQ sauce and I'm just cooking them in the oven with some new potatoes and I'll cook up some peas too.

We went to the SOS today to buy some movies for the road. Meghan owes me $8 for items purchased using an advance on her birthday money (note to self...make sure you collect!) The rain has held off for the past few hours so that's good and I have washing out on the line.

Oh, and we had a lovely visit with Shannon, the super awesome farrier. Got some pics too but you seem to see a lot of farriers backsides because they're always working :) It was very interesting watching her work and the girls thought it was cool too with her anvil and portable forge. The smell of putting hot shoes on a hoof stinks according to them though! Now they know to stay out of the smoke!

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