Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, QC

Kate had the most amazing teacher this year and his name is Paul Anders. He of course knows about our trip across Canada to our new home in Greenwood, Nova Scotia and made the suggestion that we should stop at the Museum of Civilization which is located just across the river from Parliament Hill. Well, it turns out that's an amazing suggestion! It looks like a fantastic place to visit with kids and has both a children's museum and IMAX. Kate is very excited to see what films they have in August and is hoping that she will get to see this one (that's as long as she doesn't get motion sick and throw up, hey, it's happened!)

Also planned for our day in Ottawa are Parliament Hill, possibly the War Museum, Science and Technology Museum, and Kate wants to go to the Ice Cream festival at the Agriculture Museum. It looks like we might need to plan an extra day at this rate! :)

It's getting too confusing for us to search the blog for Itinerary updates so later on we're going to just make a dedicated page.

** It's up and running now but subject to change**

For a list of places is and around Ottawa to park your RV for free check out this list courtesy of John at the Museum of Civilization.


  1. Limey works in Greenwood. Did you find a house there to buy?

    Stop in at the Byward Market in Ottawa or take a stroll up Bank street in the evening. Ottawa is fabulous.

  2. Hi Limette! We've changed our itinerary a little to allow more time in Ottawa so we'll definitely go exploring. We also are bringing our minivan with us now so we'll be able to get around more easily with the kids as parking is a bit of a problem in the city with a motorhome and trailer. But John at the Museum of Civilization was kind enough to give us a list of free parking places for RV's. I thought that was nice of him. We're going to be renting a house in Greenwood while we get settled, check out the area, and then we'll start looking for our forever home in the valley.