Friday, July 15, 2011

Exploding Tool Boxes

There's a mystery going on right now in Campbell River. It's very strange....

Stephen stopped at WalMart in Campbell River on his way back from Young Men's Camp. He unpacked and re-packed the van to make more room for the boys. And at this same time inadvertently left his toolbox at the side of the van in the parking lot. He made it all the way home and half way unpacked before noticing that it was missing at around 3:30 pm.

So being the optimistic person I am I assumed it would be turned in at customer service so I called WalMart. I got one of those cryptic answers from the customer service person who said I'd have to talk with the duty manager. (I thought this was strange) So I spoke with him and he said "oh...yes...that one...well you'll have to talk to the RCMP (Police) about it. (This is getting weirder) Next I called the RCMP and got bumped around through 3 or 4 people before finally having the File Number, yes, our tool box has it's own file number apparently and the Watch Commanders name. Why would a missing tool case have it's own file Number and officer attached?

Now I'm waiting for a call back because nobody would tell me when, where or if I could pick it up. I'm having visions of the Police attending a suspicious heavy black case, thinking it's a bomb, and exploding it right there in the parking lot. This is probably fueled by the cryptic hints we're getting, the lack of real info, and my over active imagination. I'm still waiting to hear about picking it up as we need our tools for work tomorrow.

Check out this video: First they blow up the luggage, then they determine that it was their fault for melting the case in the first place. 'Oops, so sorry. First we tried melting your undies and when that didn't work we just blew them up all over the tarmac on live international news.' Yes, and that's why I insist on Carrying on my luggage!

Police Detonate Suspicious Bag at Bush Airport:

It's after 6pm now. I've left 2 messages for the RCMP constable and still no call back. Very frustrating! It's a 4 hour drive there and back, in the dark and the rain, and we need the tools for tomorrow morning because Steve's been off work for a few days so tomorrow is really busy. Please Jukes...Call Me Back! Sigh. I'm glad the tools are there but wish that we could go get them right away.

Ok. After complaining to the watch commander, we were told that the officer was off duty and we'd have to wait. The tools were in the evidence locker and once the day shift was on at 7am we could get them. So we left early, drove to Campbell River and went to the RCMP detachment. It turns out that someone watched Steve leave the case, got a description of the vehicle, and called Police. Why they just didn't flag him down I'll never know, they could have saved some trouble. The case was just sitting there at the far end of the parking lot. I guess the police cleared that area of the parking lot, investigated and got this close to getting the bomb squad to blow it up. Luckily for us they just opened it and saw it was tools. The RCMP are generally doing a very good job keeping us safe and secure here in Canada. There are a few bad eggs, but for the most part the Police are fantastic. I guess I can see how suspicious it looks to a paranoid society, but really, is the far end of a WalMart parking lot in Campbell River really a terrorist target? If I wanted to blow something up I'd pick a much more strategic location thanks. Huh, I wonder if this will make my blog get scanned by CSIS now? Hi Fellas! This could all have been avoided if Steve had not left the case or if this concerned citizen had simply flagged him down.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha thats a good one! Ar least you got the tools back