Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Stopped Raining!

I was starting to think that I missed a memo about building an Ark. But it's stopped raining and the water is finally receding. The riding ring must have had soil removed and then sand added because it acts like a bowl. Once it fills with rain water it turns soupy and the water stays on the surface. Needless to say, living in this is sort of mucky. Especially with kids. Poor Dave ended up surrounded by water in a mini lake and Chris had water flowing past his tent. Thank goodness the tents have good rain flies and waterproof bottoms.

The girls and Jordan are moving out of the Prowler today and into our big tent so that they can have a little bit of space, and so that we get the Prowler all cleaned out and hopefully get it sold in the next few days. We'll use the money to upgrade the other trailer that we'll be hauling across the country with new tyres and a pop up roof tent.

Steve got the fuel gauge fixed (knocked off wire) so that's one less thing to worry about. And one thing checked off his list. Next thing to do is to figure out the carrying capacity of the leaf springs on the trailer. We're getting down to the last 10 days now, so panic mode is starting to set in. So much to do and a limited amount of time left to do it in. My main priority for today is to sort through at least 10 of the boxes in the storage locker and get them down to 5 boxes then to mark their weights. We're operating on the assumption that we can take 2000lbs, which actually is not much stuff. Goodbye my beloved books!

Anyways, gotta get cracking. I'm sure I'll have something interesting to write about later but for now I need to get cracking! Church is a few hours and the girls are singing in sacrament meeting with Steve playing for them. Hope you're all having a nice relaxing day.

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