Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

You guessed's raining. Not drizzle or showers, rain. So everything outside is soaked and I'm enjoying being snuggled up inside in a blanket where it's dry. Mmmm, one of my simple pleasures in life is listening to the rain while lying warm and wrapped in a blanket with a good book.

The plans for today are fairly simple. Unless the weather gets spectacularly better, we're going to take garbage to the dump, recycle all the pop bottles and cans, and sort out some more of the stuff in the storage locker for an hour. I'll get the girls to do some dishes and tidy up their place, and I have plenty of clothing to go through in the trailer here and decide what's going and what's staying.

I hope that Steve and the boys are having better weather for their camping trip. Being out in constant rain is miserable. They are about 2 hours north of us though and the weather coming around the mountains is often different up there. Nope, just checked and they changed the forecast to predict near constant rain for both places. What a drag! This is the wettest summer I've ever known on Vancouver Island and Steve agrees. I guess one good thing is that the sand is still easy to drive on here in the riding ring where we live. If it dries completely out it will be like the loose sand at the top of the beach that's hard to walk on. Can you imagine trying to drive a motorhome over that? Maybe I should be grateful the rain is keeping it solid.

2 weeks today until we are supposed to be leaving. That gives us 14 days to fix anything mechanical on the Moho or van that needs it, buy new tires, build the roof extension on the trailer and a box for the van roof. Oh plus working for a week, going to court, and packing! No problem! Yikes! At least on the 23rd we'll have some fun at our Farewell BBQ. We're making the sausages on Friday which should be fun with the girls twisting the sausage links.

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