Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Place to eat Lunch in Parksville or Qualicum

Steve and I enjoy our occasional lunches out together. And living locally means we get to try all sorts of new places if we're not stuck in the White Spot Rut. The best place we've been to in the last year has to be Bread And Honey. It's downtown in Parksville, tucked away on Harrison. Lovely relaxed atmosphere, great food and friendly service. The menu is simple: one soup of the day (it's always a delicious gourmet soup) and 2 choices of something sandwichy like strudel, panini or an actual sandwich. One choice is meat, the other veggie. So no matter which way you prefer to get your protein it's ok. And we're talking gourmet as far as the panini or whatever the entree is for that day. The menu changes daily so it's always a treat. This is the kind of place you can go with a friend, on a date with someone special, or just to grab a nice quick and healthy lunch. Soup starts at under $5 for a small bowl. Sandwich type entrees are $8-10. If you've never tried them before, please do! They are the best place in Parksville for lunch. Monday to Friday. Here's the info from their facebook page. And watch out for the little treats and desserts, they're almost as delicious as the loaves of fresh bread they bake. No wonder they have so many loyal customers. We're going to really miss the inspiration they have given me as a cook and we'll miss their delicious food, it's such a treat to eat there without guilt! And the pumpkin soup they made last week with the seasoned pumpkin chips on top was gorgeous on the eyes and divine on the taste buds. Can't wait to see what's on the menu for next week

They are in a little strip mall between Harrison and Memorial, near the medical clinic downtown. Don't wait for the cooler weather, soup is great for lunch any day!

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