Saturday, July 2, 2011

Painting the Moho part 2.

Well I'm happy to report that despite hanging out my laundry, it did not rain yesterday and so we were able to get a coat of the cream paint on everything and the blue first coat too. Steve found that by adding up to 20% water into the cream paint it goes on thinner but also stipples less leaving a smoother and more glossy finish. So I think for the second coat he may well go for thinner again, although it does have a tendency to run and is a bit of a pain. I think he likes it shinier.

I got some pics but now I've misplaced my camera again.

Chris is working today. The rest of the family are heading to Chemainus to help do some work for our friends Todd and Deanna. Then off to the Airport to get our friend who is coming for a visit. Another long and busy day. Typical really for a Saturday. I want to get to the farmers market for a few minutes also before they are sold out of bangers and cream cheese.

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