Sunday, July 10, 2011

Qualicum Beach Farmers Market

Today is Market day in Qualicum Beach and so until noon you can see vendors selling their goods and shoppers having a nice time interacting with the sources of their foods. It's a fun and festive atmosphere every Saturday from 9-12 downtown on 1st Ave E just off Memorial.

Here's Ravenstone Farm Charcuterie. They make the best sausages and bacon! Plus they're very friendly. Here they are enjoying a 5 second break between customers. Hi Declan and Trevor! They own the farm we're currently staying at and are super nice people. They make I think about 15 varieties of sausage and Trevor seems to introduce a new one fairly regularly as a weekly special. Everything from Bangers to Chorizo and Mediterranean to Italian. Yummy on the grill, in the oven or even in soup!

Kate did the Shoots with Roots program from Milner Gardens. They had a little booth where you could use recycled materials like cardboard and newspaper to make your own flower press. I'll do up a whole article about that later. She decorated it and thought is was super cool!

Lunch was soup made from our Farmers Market haul of scallions (I'm not kidding they were 28 inches long) green cabbage, red peppers, Romano sausage from Ravenstone, onion and potatoes. And garlic, salt and pepper of course. The sausage was chicken, and tasted very nice. I cooked it first so I could try it out as I've never had it before. After I stir fried the veggies for a few minutes we added water and seasonings to finish cooking the soup and I used the last of the bread from "Bread and Honey" ( a great little place for lunch in Parksville) to make multi-grain croutons for the top of each bowl of soup. it was delicious

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